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When you realize, even theoretically, that you live in a country with rampant corruption, a country in which people use money as the powerful weapon to achieve their goals, you cannot imagine the real picture of how deep the "organism" has been infected with this disease.

What the political forces have been doing to root out this evil is not what many people think must be done. The authorities are frequently accused of exploiting announcement about fighting against corruption, to score points by mere talking about the need to fight against this evil, but neither ordinary people nor the society in general benefit from these empty talk. Corruption can be fought against only by radical means and persistency. Even most civilized and prospering countries face this problem. This fight should be started, first of all. with people’s mentality, a perpetual ground for corruption. Why do we choose the way of bribing an official instead of pressing for legal ways to seek just solutions to our problems and questions?. The answer is clear cut and definite: the legal way will take us to nowhere. Corruption is much more a broader notion than we can imagine, it is frequently identified with a bribery which is only one side of this phenomenon.

Wide spread protection, abuse of power and all white color crimes are corruption. This all should be fought by a united front, otherwise the poverty and the seeming economic growth , high unemployment rates and drastically low living standards , misused loans will remain as constant features of Armenia that is "building its statehood and pursues liberalism."

Maybe it is not real, but how can we change the current situation, when there is no normal legislation and no just and fair court. It appears that each individual has to independently "solve" his or her problems. And it is here when you can achieve your goals with the help of corruption. Meantime the unemployed remains unemployed, the hungry remain hungry and the immoral remain immoral.

What we all should do in the first place to fight this corruption is "to reform" our approach towards this phenomenon. Every achievement gained through corruption is shaky. The future should not be built on shaky foundation.

By Aghavni Harutunian

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