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Chairman of the Armenian parliament committee on defense, national security and interior issues Vahan Hovanesian from the Armenian Revolutionary Federation was the recurrent keynote speaker at discussions, convened on Monday by Anti-Shadow organization on how big political corruption in Armenia is and how to tackle it.

Before going deep into what political corruption is Mr. Hovanesian mentioned there was no clear distinction between different forms of corruption. One of the major reasons is that political and economic authorities are identified as one. Legislative controversies, inefficient work of the authorities, weak civilian society leads, according to ARF member, leads to a reality when the political power takes hold of economic power and vice versa.

"People who have made huge fortunes by illegal ways have gone to politics, a thing completely impossible in developed democracies, and these people use the political power to push forward their economic ends," Hovanesian said, adding that similar developments in Latin America had led to creation of either Mafia groupings or coup d’etas

The attempt of some 60 parliament members who undersigned under a petition requiring that the number of seats in parliament allotted under the majoritarian electoral system be increased is a brilliant example of political corruption, according to Hovanesian.

At the end Hovanesian claimed that passage of laws on lobbying and parliament members' ethic would help fight against corruption. The latter bill must include a clause under which any party defector will have to "put his parliament mandate on table."

By Aghavni Harutunian

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