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A five-day training on the protection of human rights launched in Lusakert town of Armenia yesterday, the initiator and organizer of which are the Human Rights Protection and Democracy Institute of OSCE, Poland-based Helsinki Fund of Human Rights Protection and the Yerevan office of OSCE.

The training courses with five-day seminars will be held from 2002 to 2003. The goal of the training is to acquaint young Armenian lawyers with the international standards of human rights protection and carrying out monitoring in the sphere, as well as promoting the Armenian civil society to contribute to the human rights protection issues in appropriate spheres of national politics. The program also supposes to involve international observers in the program, which is actually aimed at achieving a higher human rights record in Armenia.

The first part of the training will last for five days, in which lawyers of non-governmental organizations from different cities of Armenia, engaged in most vulnerable spheres of the society (like prisons, disabled people, immigrants, women rights etc), participate.

Experts from Warsaw will deliver lectures at the training courses, and aat present the Armenian non-governmental organizations’ reps are getting acquainted with the materials on human rights- preparing for the next five-day seminars that will be held on June 7.

By Rasmila Alaverdian

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