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It appears that even the gravest court trial may sometimes be rich in humor. The oldest parliament member Perch Boshnaghian, who had been among the deputies, taken hostage by the terrorists, who seized the parliament chamber in 1999 killing several deputies and the prime minister, began his Thursday testimony in the ongoing trial by a sensational announcement, claiming that before the attack there was a grenade explosion outside the building. He also claimed that the two of the eight victims of the carnage, deputies Ruben Miroyan and Armenak Armenakian had been killed before the perpetrators rushed into the chamber.

Boshnaghian went on to say that each step of the attackers had been scrupulously planned beforehand and no one did anything without the orders of the ringleader Nairi Hunanian. Boshnaghian said he had been impressed with how perfectly one of the perpetrators, Karen Hunanian, was handling his gun. Like many other witnesses Boshnaghian also claimed that the attack could not have been conceived and carried out by the five men alone without having the assistance of other people, but he could not say who they might be.

By Aghavni Harutunian

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