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Azg daily correspondent in Nicosia (Cyprus) George Ter Bartogh reported that the local police have arrested an Armenian national Hovsep Galstian at Limasol. Hovsep Galstian, a former resident of Yerevan and former governor of the Armenian United Bank fled Armenia after he was charged with stealing 168 million Armenian Drams. Galstian was on the list of people wanted by Interpol.

The 40 year old Galstian was put into custody by a local court, but was released next day July 23 on $80,00 bail until the court finished preparation of his extradition to Armenia. He was asked to hand over his passport and not to leave Limasol.

Galstian is said to be living in a luxurious mansion in Limasol, bought by a woman named Karine. The 168 million Drams are supposedly have been transferred to a foreign bank. The other man who participated in the "operation" is in a Yerevan prison. The question of extraditing Galstian to Armenia is being now discussed by Cyprus chief prosecutor’s office. Though there is no official agreement on extradition of criminals between Cyprus and Armenia, the case is considered within the framework of documents of fighting against serious crimes, signed recently by the two countries.

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