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An unidentified person threw an explosive device at the crossroad of Yerevan’s Moskovian and Bayron streets October 22 at 8.20 PM, which blow off injuring the deputy director of the Caucasus Media Institute, journalist Mark Grigorian.

Mark Grigorian was immediately taken to hospital and since then has been under doctors’ attention. At present Grigorian’s health condition is stable, and there is no risk to his life.

Daily Azg’s correspondent visited the journalist at the Emergency Hospital of Masiv district of Yerevan, and talked to the wife of the victim, Karine Grigorian.

‘Mark came home (62 Terian Str.) at around 7.40-7.45 PM yesterday (October 22) and asked me to give him something to eat hastily, for he was to go to a meeting. He left home at 8.20 PM. At about 8.40 I received a phone call from an ambulance car, and was told what had happened’,- said Mrs. Grigorian.

To our inquiry why Mr. Grigorian headed for the justice ministry where he was to meet the ministry’s employee Ara Saghatelian via Moskovian street, Mr. Saghatelian himself answered that in Grigorian’s words he intended to take a taxi to the ministry from Mashtots Avenue.

Regarding the motives of the possible assassination attempt, Grigorian himself could only suppose that the assassination probe, if it was one, may be connected with the article that he is preparing about the October 27 case, for which he had interviewed a number of politicians and opposition parties. In this respect we tried to find out from the victim’s wife whether there have been any alert telephone calls or threats preceding the accident, to which we received a negative answer.

‘I wonder if it was not directed towards Mark, than who else? He was alone at that moment on that part of the street’,- said Mrs. Grigorian.

The law-enforcement bodies have launched an investigation into the attack, which was described by them as "a premeditated murder attempt." A source which preferred to remain undisclosed noted that the explosive device may have been a hand grenade.

The Caucasian Media Institute issued a press release today saying that it will be closely watching the pace of investigation into the matter. The press release says its employees believe that the law-enforcement bodies will do everything to reveal who was behind the attack. Several local mass media outlets quoted Grigorian as saying that he saw a man who threw in his direction the explosive devise and rushed away form the spot. The attack occurred when it was already dark.

Mark Grigorian, a well-known journalist, is one of the founders of the Caucasian Media Institute. He heads information programs department and acts also as a free-lancer.

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