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The head of the public relations department of the Armenian parliament Anahit Adamian visited the injured journalist Mark Grigorian at the Nor Nork Emergency Hospital for conveying to him wishes of soonest recovery sent by the parliament speaker Armen Khachatrian.

The injured journalist, who is under the strict attention of doctors, thanked Ms. Adamian for the attention and care displayed by the parliament speaker, and asked the head of the parliament’s public relations department not to politicize the incident that happened to him. Grigorian said that he is only an analyst, and does not deal with politics. The journalist expressed a hope that the police will reveal the truth about the attack.

Doctor Haykaz Zakarian, who is treating Grigorian, said that the journalist is getting well, and fortunately there will be no need of operation. If there is no sudden fluctuations in the patient’s health, the journalist will go home in ten days.

We would like to remind that an unidentified person threw an explosive device at the crossroad of Yerevan’s Moskovian and Bayron streets October 22 at 8.20 PM, which blow off injuring the deputy director of the Caucasus Media Institute, journalist Mark Grigorian.

The law-enforcement bodies have launched an investigation into the attack, which was described by them as "a premeditated murder attempt."

Mark Grigorian, a well-known journalist, is one of the founders of the Caucasian Media Institute. He heads information programs department and acts also as a free-lancer.

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