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Prosecutors demanded 11 –year jail term for a former head of Turkish division at the Armenian foreign affairs ministry Murad Bojolian who is standing trial on charges of spying for Turkey. Publicizing the indictment at Tuesday court session prosecutors also demanded that Bojolian’s property be confiscated in favor of the state. But Bojolian’s defense attorney requested that the case against his client be dropped and Bojolian be released as "his prosecution is illegal."

Though the indictment did not say that Bojolian did really give secret information to Turkish special agents, but it accused the former diplomat of fulfilling the tasks he had received from Turkish intelligence service MIT. The indictment is actually based on accusations of Bojolian for preparing analytical stories about political, military and economic areas of Armenia and transferring them to MIT, which the prosecutors said is also a spying.

Bojolian, according to prosecutors had admitted in his pre-trial testimonies to cooperating with secret Turkish agents, but on the first day of the trial he refused his previous testimony, saying he had to "concoct " that story for fear that his family members would be persecuted. The trial is to be continued today.

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