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"…Was convicted for such deeds that were aimed at Turkish targets" is said in the April 19, 2001 verdict of the court of appeals of Buj City on the release of Varujan Karapetian, who was convicted to a lifetime imprisonment for participating in the terrorist blast act that took place in Orli airport of Paris in 1983.

The document was presented by the deputy head of Armenian Journalists’ Union Grigor Janikian at the meeting with Varujan Karapetian in the Journalists’ House.

The decision on Varujan Karapetian’s release was made by the French parliament after the adoption of Armenian genocide resolution, and he was granted freedom on April 23- on the eve of Armenian Genocide commemoration day. "I am glad that France managed to grant the long-awaited freedom to you after the adoption of Armenia genocide resolution",- is written in the congratulation letter of Le Kordonel, the advisor of prison service on additional punishment and pardon, which he addressed to Karapetian - in connection with his release from jail. The term of release was his coming to Armenia. The mayor of Yerevan promised to provide Mr. Karapetian with a job and apartment, and today Varujan Karapetian stays to live in the Republic of Armenia.

"For a son of a nation who was forced out of its motherland and spread all over the world it is a miracle to return to motherland",- said V. Karapetian to the present at the Journalists’ House. He noted that returning to his motherland is the message of our grandparents, which became the essence of existence and path of struggle, "on bloody path of which our brave friends lost their lives". "I prefer to quietly devote myself to the job of protecting and flourishing my motherland, and to its supreme interests. I am going to stay here",- said Varujan Karapetian.

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